The Vibes

Group Vibes

Vibrate Higher is a fun & intimate CBD experience designed to create euphoric worlds and a body high that will never be forgotten.

  • 1 Night & 1 Sleep Mask
  • 12 Seats
  • 3 Course Farm-To-Table Cannabis Infused Menu
  • Cannabis Infused Wine
  • Therapeutic Education From Chef Adrain, Cannabis Gifts, And The Latest In Experiential Dining
  • Dresscode: Sexy Loungewear

Vibrate Higher brings together fine dining and transformative conversation amongst a legacy creating crowd of individuals; the perfect experience to expand your tribe!

Purchase tickets Here. Buy 3 or more and get 15% off with the code “OPENUP”.

Merch Vibes

Design My Tribe is a collection of people who create (bring something into existence) in their individualistic way to cause great impact and create new possibilities in the world. We are accepting of all people, open to learning and trying different things & we always create a win/win world.

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Design My Tribe
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