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How to have fulfilling relationships?

Although we don’t consciously realize it, we are constantly operating based on what our parent’s beliefs or ideals are, and in turn, make them our own without ever establishing what is TRUE for us.

Are you confident or are you hiding your insecurities?

my confidence has to be in integrity – meaning that I have to accept 100% of myself…

Keeping it Raw & Real!

As “strong” as I felt in that position, I was actually costing myself the amazing feeling of aliveness by being inauthentic. I was taking away from others the chance to feel needed (in my vulnerability), therefore robbing myself of fulfilling, loving and expressive relationships.

Alone, though never Lonely!

Spending time alone has supported me in becoming the best version of me! Have you tried it? I use an exclamation point because I am genuinely happy about who I am today. I am joyous, loving, supportive, full of ideas, vulnerable to tears and open to the limitless ways that life continues to bring me

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Purpose, Where are you?

      I see you, searching HIGH and low for your purpose. Appearing successful in all the areas of life that count; career, material possessions, and Instagram selfies. Traveling the world, going to brunch, trying new things….. and people. Asking your friends that seem to “have it together”, how they found theirs. Ok, maybe that

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limitless me!

“change takes time.” “change is hard.” “change isn’t always good.” “why change?” I’ve heard it all and said it all to myself and to others. the previous version of myself of course. I was not yet ready to understand that who I am and more importantly who I can become was up to me. I lived

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create space in your life for the relationships you want!

Creating space is about clearing your mind of clutter; the negative whispers, beliefs that don’t belong to you and past experiences that you can’t let go. It’s about creating space for the life you want, the one you dreamed about as your most innocent self before the nonsense infiltrated your HAPPINESS. When you choose you,

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to the kings of the world.

dear brother, at your highest being, you are King of your territory. in all your glory and power, you impact the world. you are intelligent, you are ambitious, you are philanthropic beyond measure. you are connected, honest and in-tune with your feelings. you are vulnerable, and the leader in truth. your power can move mountains,

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