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communication starts with loving you.

every conversation I have had lately has somehow entailed or come full circle to highlight the absence of communication in our relationships. although this emphasis for communication is put heavily on romantic relationships, I have realized that the disparity starts within the platonic relationships within our lives and most importantly stems from the absence of

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vulnerability with self.

it is the area where we want to be outwardly sad, soft, weak, hurt and equally LOVED, APPRECIATED & SUPPORTED.Β  it is that safe space, where we can voice where we are struggling and seek support with absolutely NO JUDGEMENT. it is where ‘not (always) being what’s expected‘ is ACCEPTED. it is the Sunday outing

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The Chase.

I have gotten present to the fact that every individual on this earth is going through their own pain, trauma, self-doubt, and insecurities. We each have a voice in our heads that seems to get louder by the minute. A voice that invalidates us and cheers us on to do and act in ways that don’t support what we truly desire in life.

Become an A1 Listener

I would approach conversations as if I already knew what they were going to say and how they were going to say it, prepared to help, solve and resolve everything for the person I was “listening” to. Unfortunately, this preconceived listening caused me to miss the point most of the time.

How to have fulfilling relationships?

Although we don’t consciously realize it, we are constantly operating based on what our parent’s beliefs or ideals are, and in turn, make them our own without ever establishing what is TRUE for us.

Keeping it Raw & Real!

As “strong” as I felt in that position, I was actually costing myself the amazing feeling of aliveness by being inauthentic. I was taking away from others the chance to feel needed (in my vulnerability), therefore robbing myself of fulfilling, loving and expressive relationships.

my new favorite cafe!

Last week Monday I scrolled past a picture of two lattes on my Instagram timeline. Being that I don’t drink coffee and was not following the page of the post – I was intrigued and in tune with the synchronicities. Of course, I clicked it and was instantly drawn in by the bright yellow chairs

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lightly intoxicated candor

Vulnerability: the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. This past Saturday night, I attended an evening of lightly intoxicated conversation with about 20 intellectual millennials whose collective purpose is to change the world for the better. The intent of the evening was to

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Sorry 4 The Wait

“Help yourself and I will be right behind you.” I want to start this blog post off with an apology to all of you. I apologize for my past selfish and insensitive behavior. Let me explain…. This year has been transformative and extremely fun, it has also required me to show up in ways I

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Season of Love!

Brooklyn, NY – July 21. Summer 2018. 29 years on earth, 7th in East Flatbush, 1st year dedicated to Sarah Elizabeth Harrigan and ALL that makes her happy! This summer is different. More importantly, I am growing in different ways, daily. I wake up grateful, genuinely happy and fulfilled in who I am. Since learning

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