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The Chase.

I have gotten present to the fact that every individual on this earth is going through their own pain, trauma, self-doubt, and insecurities. We each have a voice in our heads that seems to get louder by the minute. A voice that invalidates us and cheers us on to do and act in ways that don’t support what we truly desire in life.

Become an A1 Listener

I would approach conversations as if I already knew what they were going to say and how they were going to say it, prepared to help, solve and resolve everything for the person I was “listening” to. Unfortunately, this preconceived listening caused me to miss the point most of the time.

Mindset: Love & Purpose

I’m grateful for my termination in Dec 2018 because it led to a domino effect of great life events. Subsequently, I became a full-time realtor with Hudson Gilbert Inc., which is where I met the great marketing mind – Michael Jones of www.bymichaeltodd.com & fitness coach Mackendy Louis, who then enrolled me in Momentum Education.

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