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Alone, though never Lonely!

Spending time alone has supported me in becoming the best version of me! Have you tried it? I use an exclamation point because I am genuinely happy about who I am today. I am joyous, loving, supportive, full of ideas, vulnerable to tears and open to the limitless ways that life continues to bring me

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Purpose, Where are you?

      I see you, searching HIGH and low for your purpose. Appearing successful in all the areas of life that count; career, material possessions, and Instagram selfies. Traveling the world, going to brunch, trying new things….. and people. Asking your friends that seem to “have it together”, how they found theirs. Ok, maybe that

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the ultimate mindf*ck is forgiveness

7 years, damnnn. I never thought a bottle of Don Q his girlfriend gifted him could cause such a saga mayn! Love, hate and secret dates. Passionate, soulless, sometimes empty sex. How did friends get into such a mess? I tried to dip a million times, only to be swindled back with the corniest lines.

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