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As humans, we are inundated with other peoples ideas of what we should look, act or be like. Ideas that almost 99% of the time don’t match up with who we actually are, or want to be. From our parents to our teachers and the visuals we receive from magazines/social media/internet – we are constantly

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I am here to contribute to the betterment of humanity in a way that comes naturally to me, that I enjoy and it fulfills the lives of others. This is me, soaking in the view at Scrub Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands last week on a site tour for a Couple’s Retreat Trip that

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Watch Out for the Big Girl

I was teased during my childhood for being the little fat girl, interestingly enough, the worst words were from my family – who themselves were “big boned”. Eventually, I decided to carry my weight proudly, believing that I was inherently this way and couldn’t change what I looked like because it was hereditary. I would

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