Define My Vibe is a transformative self guided toolbox, where you learn to prioritize yourself, by identifying the sectors in your life that are not producing the results you desire. Thus, generating the confidence to enable you to identify where to direct your focus.

You will receive premium training resources that are designed to create a new vision of what happiness, abundance and success look like for you.

Subsequently, you are equipped to define what is wanted & needed in your life to bring your dreams to reality!

By purchasing the Design My Vibe Toolbox you will be able to:

  • Identify who the primary focus is in your life
  • Become empowered to rid yourself of beliefs that are not working for you
  • Embrace the power you hold in your life, and make it work for you
  • Gain clarity on manifestation and become aware of the synchronicities in your life

Through the exercises in the toolbox designed by confidence & relationship expert Sarah Harrigan, you will learn how to love yourself, give yourself the attention you deserve, generate a shift in your mindset and learn how to strategically direct your gratitude and focus to manifest what you desire.



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