Design My Tribe is a transformative 3 day hands on coaching program where business teams are reintroduced to the fundamentals of team and prioritizing individual contribution which generates confidence, connectedness and reignites the love, joy and purpose of working together.

Clients receive premium training resources and personalized coaching that are designed to create a new vision of what partnership, happiness and abundance look like.

Subsequently, they are equipped to Design a team dynamic that fulfills individual desires and accomplishes the larger team goal.

As a Design My Tribe Client, you will:

  • Define the vision & purpose of your team
  • Identify and prioritize teammate needs
  • Team members will embrace the power they each hold within the organisation
  • Learn how to empower & support your teammates
  • Become experts in effective communication of whats wanted & needed
  • Design the vibe & rhythm of your team
  • Create purpose driven results that support the company’s greater good

In your 3 day hands on sessions, confidence & relationship expert Sarah Harrigan will apply her loving, assertive, motivational and results-focused coaching style to help you generate a shift in your team’s mindset, in order to create love, purpose, connection and collaboration.

Corporate Coaching Fees


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