Level Up!

After committing 100% to my body at the end of 2017, I can happily say that I’m maintaining (-70) pounds as of March 02, 2019. Now as awesome as that sounds, my goals have gotten bigger because my mindset has transformed along with my body. Beyond weight release I have gotten extremely clear on the type of transformation I’d like my body to go through – resulting in a sculpted back, booty and arms, you know the deal.

Being that my body type is an endomorph, I maintain weight well and have to make a drastic change to release it, so I had to do something new. So here I am 2 days into my first attempt at the #Whole30 diet which is 30 days of Whole Foods, ie: meats, veggies & fruits… none of the things I love like yogurt, cheese, and bread.

Day 2: Breakfast: Seared Salmon Filet topped with a fried egg over a bed of spinach, bosc pear, red onion and nuts y berries.

Although I’m not a fan of diets, I am a fan of resetting my mind, body & soul in order to really design my life powerfully. In every level of transformation or a quest to another level in my life, I have had to reset and restrategize to execute a win. As I accomplish one thing, I am seeking another challenge. It’s as if I have turned the world into my playground. Last year it was a 7-day water fast, this year it’s 30 days of whole foods, working out 4 – 5 days per week consistently, meditating daily and allowing myself to receive the blessings the universe has for me.

This is the type of Self-Care we all need and deserve to operate at prime level! It is the self-care that I teach my clients and the self-care that I hope to teach you.

My ask is that you keep me accountable. Check – In on me to see how this new challenge is going. What would make this even more fun is if you’d leave a comment on this post about how you are challenging yourself this month!

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