BVI Refresher!

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It’s February 5th and I am on the ferry from Tortola, British Virgin Islands with intention to head back to Brooklyn, New York.

For the past week I lived, worked and vacationed all in one from the country that raised me – a goal I have had since my years away at boarding school as a teen. Achieving the goal 1 year and 5 days post my decision to create a work environment led by me is a triumph within itself!

While at home I took client calls, had in-person client meetings, reconnected with old faces and forged new connections with influential people that have a vision for the BVI that is far beyond what it is now. I was truly inspired by my generation because our time to lead is building up slowly but surely. Additionally, I was able to review my mom’s current venture – Lady Sarah’s Farms & Market from an eternal position, which empowered me to think of new ways to improve how the business works. It was also an opportunity to practice my relationships skills by having conversations with the staff to highlight what works, inform them of their significance and brainstorm as a team – truly powerful!

Most importantly was the chance I got to do market research into the level of interest in the islands in the services I provide as a Confidence & Relationship Coach. To my surprise – people here are also extremely interested in new ways to develop their confidence and improve their communication skills in order to have better relationships! My heart is absolutely full because I now know that the life I dreamt of – moving, touching and inspiring others to live a powerful life – applies where ever I go.

Throughout the week I became more clear and happy with my choice to follow through on my purpose, stay faithful to who I am and act in integrity. My life is a physical manifestation of my confidence in self and the relationships I establish. This way of being has opened unforeseen doors, created new possibilities and created levels of fulfillment for me that I believe every human deserves. A way of being that I am choosing to dedicate my life to creating for the world!

Are you interested in designing a life that you love? A life that affords you the freedom of self-expression, love, abundance and travel? It is all possible for you through working with a coach; a coach whose sole goal is to make sure you win. I am that coach! I encourage you to sign up for a free 15 minute Discovery Call today. Together we will identify your blockages, get off them and create a plan to have you living your best life, NOW!

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