communication starts with loving you.

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every conversation I have had lately has somehow entailed or come full circle to highlight the absence of communication in our relationships.

although this emphasis for communication is put heavily on romantic relationships, I have realized that the disparity starts within the platonic relationships within our lives and most importantly stems from the absence of self-expression that we give ourselves.

self-expression is the first line of communication between us and the world. it is how we let our parents know we are hungry, tired or have a full diaper as babies, ask for legos as toddlers and how we ask for what we want in life as mature individuals. unfortunately for many of us, we have suffered experiences and relationships that were riddled with the answer no or another form of disappointment that has caused us to become silent people. silent, yet wishing for the dreams we have to come to fruition.

everything we have or don’t have in our lives is the result of a conversation; one we had or didn’t have. our circumstances are the result of clear and concise communication or a lack thereof. although there are millions of tools for effective communication that I can write about, my favorite is simple – be vulnerable and be curious to live a joyous life!

communication requires 2 things: your utmost vulnerability + the curiosity of a 5-year-old. simply put: be honest about how you feel/what you think and be forever curious about what possibilities can be created because of your share.

by implementing this simple tip, I know that your conversations will have a complete transformation!

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