Keep that same energy, or not?

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It was November 2018 when I came to understand that there is a difference between making a decision and choosing. I had never thought about it deeply enough to warrant the discovery of a difference. Until I did.

A decision is made using previous experiences/data/collected proof to substantiate and justify the validity of the decisions.

Alternatively, a choice is made by utilizing the information available at the moment or in real-time aka reality. Just straight up – “I’m choosing because I choose.” The end. Quite powerful if you ask me.

I choose to use my vulnerability to heal the world; one millennial at a time.

Sarah E. Harrigan – Life Coach

Since establishing this distinction, I am now able to repurpose energy that in the past would have been used to fuel non-supportive thoughts of insecurity and self-righteousness by deciding based past experiences of hurt.

Instead, I am now able to powerfully utilize (keep) the same energy to generate feelings of consistent positivity, gratitude, and joy by making choices that are solely based on what is presented at the moment. This allows me to choose the best thing for me and my best life in the future, non-resemblant of the past.

The ability to choose is what makes confidence a skillset and not a personality trait. As a skillset, confidence is available to every human being. It can be acquired in the same fashion as athletic ability, analytical thinking, negotiation, and public speaking skills; through consistent practice. 

How do you implement the 5 second choice to be confident?

First, get present to reality by asking yourself the following questions:

Who are you? – What is your name? You are powerful!

Where are you? – What is your current location & time?

Why are you here? – To give? To Receive? To negotiate?

What is your goal? – In this moment, what do you want to accomplish?

By asking yourself these interrogatory questions – you can now deal powerfully with and respond to the reality of life’s tiniest, most trivial experiences. Making more choices leads to fewer breakdowns and more breakthroughs in our daily lives. Like every other muscle of the body, this mindset trait will become stronger through consistent practice.

WARNING – an extremely confident person will emerge!

Choose Confidence – Choose who you want to be.

Commit to your Choice – Recommit when you fail.

Consistently Be Your Choice – Discipline yourself.

Convey Your Choice To the World – Speak Up & Out!   

Crush On You: Self Love Yourself Every day

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