Entrepreneurship = Choosing You

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What is entrepreneurship?

Technically and according to Wikipedia – Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.

More modernly and according to me – Entrepreneurship is about transforming the world by creating solutions to and solving big problems. It is the initiation of social change by creating innovative products & services that present a new life-altering solution. It is using your perspective of the world for things that are bigger than you.

When you think of entrepreneurship – what comes to mind first? Any of the words below? Am I missing any? Did I add some words that you’ve never thought of? 

  • scary
  • risky
  • being broke
  • stress
  • freedom
  • fun
  • impact

Entrepreneurship is actually all of these words or none of these words. All depending on how you look at it. Most importantly – entrepreneurship is taking action.

Who is an entrepreneur?

Technically and according to Wikipedia – an entrepreneur is someone who designs, launches, and runs a new business.

More impact-fully and according to me – an entrepreneur is someone who does much more than open a business or create jobs. Entrepreneurs are some of the world’s most powerful transformers because they create solutions and see possibilities that others prefer to see as problems.

Entrepreneurs are people who full-fill on their life purpose by allowing the universe to work through them to cause immense impact in the world. Entrepreneurs can be anyone that chooses to live life in a magnanimous way!

Why entrepreneurship?

According to the world – entrepreneurship is scary & risky.

According to me – entrepreneurship is free & fun.

Entrepreneurship is many things; most of all it is understanding the value of time and purpose. When people ask me how and why I choose to take the leap – it is because I understood the value of time and had an itch to create more impact in the world. I had no idea what that looked like – I just knew it existed in a space different to what I was in.

I now understand what entrepreneurship truly means. Entrepreneurship is CHOOSING you. It is choosing to fill your time with things that matter most to you and in doing so, causes purposeful impact in the world. Entrepreneurship is living life powerfully. 

Entrepreneurship has given me the opportunity to freely do all of the following and the list continues….

  • Learn who I am and what I want
  • Focus on my health & well being
  • Find my purpose
  • Try new things, often
  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Create new memories with new friends
  • Grow my network exponentially 

The cost of entrepreneurship?

When I think about what it cost me to choose entrepreneurship, all I can do is smile in gratitude. I gave up a monotonous life with a guaranteed salary of $76,000/annually. What I received in return is priceless – the opportunity to live MY LIFE fully, powerfully and create a legacy that no one will ever forget.

The cost of entrepreneurship can only be answered by the person who has taken the leap off the ledge and tried it. 

What will entrepreneurship cost you?

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