I have in the past shared my large and outrageous goals with you – especially my most recent 90 day plan. With 30+ days remaining, I am feeling like I have succeeded at everything – except the conversational Espanol. Let’s be clear – FEELING like, and actually accomplishing the goals are two different things.

What’s important to know is that – feeling generates the action we take….. sooo FEEEL, then DO!!

Trust me, I know what it feels like to set a “lofty” goal because I believed in myself, then fall completely flat on my face because I had no idea how. Luckily for you & I – research sent me to YouTube to research something I had vaguely picked up in life called – SMART Goals…….

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Having outrageous goals and dreams is absolutely normal, actually, every human has them. What stops us from creating them is fear, and when fear doesn’t stop us, poor planning and goal setting create a feeling of failure. If we are unable to measure our hard work – how will we ever feel accomplished. How can we?



What do I want? Know exactly what you want/want to accomplish. Be specific about what it looks like, who is there, how much it costs, get as detailed as possible.


How will you measure whether or not you are accomplishing the goal? How do you know if your every step is contributing to the goal? Break your larger tasks into smaller tasks that you can check off.


What can you control, now? What do you have access to, or are within 3 degrees of separation from that can get you to your goal? The aim is to focus on the things you can create that will create progress towards the overall goal.


Are the actions you take everyday relevant to your overall goal? We make thousands of decisions and choices in our daily life, many of which are actually habits. Conversely, we do things without actually evaluating how the moment can contribute to our overall goal – depending on the action we take. Your actions must be relevant to your overall goals or they are indeed “wasted” time.


How much time are you allotting to accomplish your goal? A goal must have a specific time frame because that is what encourages your behavior to always be in support and relevant to your goal.

Goals are just dreams with a deadline.


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  1. I agree with this… in my experiences I find I need to set goals thay are time bound (so that I do not procastinate) and also achieveable (realistic)… great post πŸ™

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