The WORLD is my business.

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I’ve turned into the biggest crybaby over the past 2 months due to my spiritual growth and more importantly due to the clarity I have gained in my purpose here on earth. I literally cry daily when feelings of joy overpower me and when the synchronicities in my life are clear. When my friends (my test subjects) have breakthroughs my heart beams. It is how I define my success and happiness. 

This weekend while attending a transformational seminar – Landmark Worldwide, everything hit me. I was able to understand why throughout my 29 years of life – away at boarding school, living in Hong Kong, attending The Pennsylvania State University or traveling and exposing kids to the world – others have seen me as a beacon of light. I am now complete and clear on why strangers tell me their life in under 30 seconds, why I enjoy other people as my equal and why I have always been open, loving, joyous and generous. I came to a level of understanding that people die without knowing. It is because my human being is for the betterment of other human beings. 

I came to a level of understanding that people die without knowing. 

I understand the frustration in having something within you pulling you to a greater cause, and not knowing where to start. It is the reason I started this blog, which is now becoming a full-fledged business. It is a most fulfilling feeling to understand how my purpose, my skills, and my innate talent go hand in hand in my impacting the world for the greater good. It’s everything coming full circle – in such a way that no matter what I am doing, I’m accomplishing my goal. I am at peace, full of joy and passion to empower EVERYONE. It is a GOAL that I have already accomplished. 

As a Confidence, Relationship & Empowering Entrepreneurs Coach – I literally talk, type and listen for a living (with a whole lot of fun & creativity). I am literally living the life I dream of and I never overthink or stress. This simplistic version of happiness & satisfaction in life is what I wish for everyone in the world – especially everyone I encounter.
Your creation and contribution to the world mean more than any ‘like’ could.

Yes NYC – all 8 Million of you. 

I will only accomplish my goals with YOUR support.
I will win, when you have won.
I will thrive with YOU by my side.

 What does your happiness look like? What do you want to create for the world?

How can I support you in figuring out what your passion is and therefore help you to achieve your goals?

Please, please, please use me – I am For the WORLD! 

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