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It was my absolute pleasure to spend the day learning more about what made the phenomenal photographer that is Andrew Thomas Clifton.
When I saw him – I thought “Oh he’s a man, man!”  – he had been rocking this powerful ‘Big Black Lumberjack‘ look, that is incredibly sexy. Unequivocally sure of himself, he stands tall in his glory, unconsciously empowering those around him to do the same. I felt like I had met my match – my brother from another mother, and like two peas in a pod – we are raw & real, straight to the point and thriving gloriously in our own worlds. Imagine my excitement when I learned that he did boudoir photography (ahhhh)!
I listened intently every time he spoke – like a well of information. He spoke joyously of his upbringing in Iowa, most importantly due to his experience of when his mother’s friends authored and produced their own book titled – ‘Tight Spaces’.  He notes that this experience of them taking an idea to fruition was the tangible thing that proved that his ideas can become real too. At the tender age of 7 and following in his father’s footsteps, Andrew naturally picked up a camera and hasn’t put it down since.
As I followed him around the Airbnb for his shoot with the gorgeous Ebony Inferno – it was fascinating to watch him manipulate the light to get the best shots. He offered his opinions on what lingerie looked best and then like your best cheerleader – he filled the shoot with the most encouraging words. It was clear that his goal was to help women see themselves in their fullness, not in their pieces.


Every camera feels like a different woman to me.


Andrew finds beauty in rawness and has the gift of tapping into one’s vulnerability and inviting them to embrace it then use that power to unleash it in a sensual way.
It is an ethereal feeling that radiates throughout your body and escapes through tingles in your fingertips. Andrew has an amazing talent of capturing that moment and awareness of self love. – EbonyInferno
I want to feel new at something else.
30 years post picking up the camera, he is contently planning a transition from photography into something greater – cameras involved, of course. As the open and creative mind would have it – this is the natural progression of a human –  moving on and exploring new things.
After sharing what it took to get here, he paused in silence, then spoke in conviction about what the next 5-10 years of his life would be like; as if he’d already been there, lived it out and came back to tell us to prepare ourselves. It was evident that he has spent considerable time determining what happiness is for him – simplicity, great food, nice booties and the ability to be creative.


The actual hardware doesn’t matter, it’s about how I feel.
 As a young woman starting my own purposeful journey to being world-renowned, he provided instant confirmation that doing what feels good to the soul and defining what happy means to you individually, are key steps in the process to greatness.
Lastly, accept the scary shit. The unknown is where life truly happens.
Learn more about Andrew at http://andrewthomasclifton.com/ or on Instagram !

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