Alone, though never Lonely!

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Spending time alone has supported me in becoming the best version of me!
Have you tried it?
I use an exclamation point because I am genuinely happy about who I am today. I am joyous, loving, supportive, full of ideas, vulnerable to tears and open to the limitless ways that life continues to bring me an abundance of luxuries. When I think back to the days that being alone was uncomfortable, I am grateful to have endured the experience and learn life’s lessons, however, this grass is much greener.
the longer you stay with yourself, the better you become.
I just spent 6 days phenomenal days in Atlanta, GA. I  bought my ticket on the whim because of intuition, then convinced Disney to come with me and it was completely worth it! I was enthralled in numerous authentically vulnerable conversations with individuals that are seeking their purpose and want to create change in the world but don’t know where to start. It was undeniable that I was in Atlanta for a reason; a reason that led to enlightening and empowering my peers and aspiring leaders to keep going. Having the ‘Ignite Your Purpose‘ worksheet handy was also a huge help!
Everyone that I spoke to and I, have a common denominator  – we spend time alone. However dark or lonely it may feel or seem in the beginning, the longer you stay with yourself, the better you become. We are constantly searching for ways to become better, minimizing the noise of other peoples demands and spending time with our raw feelings, needs, and goals for life. Inward. It’s a place I wish for everyone to gofollowed by outward communication that stems from a healthy place.
I have tried numerous self-help books and I have attended some transformational programs that have given me great direction – however, the greatest tool in my arsenal is my willingness to make time for self. With the right tools, you can accomplish anything, including erasing the negative beliefs that don’t serve you and planting new positive seeds that support who you want to be.
Below is a short list of the everyday things I do to create and maintain my relationship with self. I have also included some tools to give you some direction on your journey!
Alone Time to Design Your Vibe 
  1. Meditate – Create a space for deep breathing and uninterrupted thoughts, which assist in gaining clarity.
    Options: Guided, Silent
    My Apps: Insight Timer & Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience – Ios & Android
  2. Journal – Create an outlet for your feelings & ideas.
    Options: Written, Video, Audio
  3. Exercise – Create an opportunity for your body to be great!
    Options: 30 mins of anything that you enjoy & increases that your heart rate.
  4. Celebrate You – Create opportunities to celebrate yourself, often.
    Options: Treat yourself to alone time at dinner, a sports game, a live band, etc.
  5. Dance Naked in the Mirror – Appreciate the physical body you’ve been given to get you through life!
    Options: GET NUDE, put on your favorite jams and DANCE!
  6. Self Development – Create new ideals and beliefs by rewriting the ones that don’t work.
    Options: Access the FREE Confidence Booster & Affirm Me Worksheets Here
  7. Inspiring Audio/Video -Find videos online of people or inspiring figures that impact you. Watch often and live a transformed life.
    Options: Youtube – one of my favorites is Pastor Mike at Transformation Church
  8. Discover Your Purpose – Discover your WHY, then figure out how & what you’ll create for the world.
    Options: Access the ‘Ignite Your Purpose‘ form at
  9. Do Something New – Try something new, by yourself, talk to strangers in a meaningful manner and enjoy it!
    Options: Here is an awesome list of 50 things you can do by yourself, some of which, I have tried.
  10.  Rest – It is very simple and easily forgotten. Our brains, muscles, and organs all need it because rest or sleep is how our bodies regenerate.
The person who knows how may always have a job, however, the person who knows why will always be the boss.

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