Month: November 2018

How to have fulfilling relationships?

Although we don’t consciously realize it, we are constantly operating based on what our parent’s beliefs or ideals are, and in turn, make them our own without ever establishing what is TRUE for us.

Your Christmas List

I couldn’t think of a greater Christmas & New Years gift than going into the new year with a clear vision of who I am, what I want and how I intend to accomplish everything I set my sights on. With this in mind, I figured it was a blessing that so many other people

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I have in the past shared my large and outrageous goals with you – especially my most recent 90 day plan. With 30+ days remaining, I am feeling like I have succeeded at everything – except the conversational Espanol. Let’s be clear – FEELING like, and actually accomplishing the goals are two different things. What’s

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Are you confident or are you hiding your insecurities?

my confidence has to be in integrity – meaning that I have to accept 100% of myself…

Keeping it Raw & Real!

As “strong” as I felt in that position, I was actually costing myself the amazing feeling of aliveness by being inauthentic. I was taking away from others the chance to feel needed (in my vulnerability), therefore robbing myself of fulfilling, loving and expressive relationships.

The WORLD is my business.

I’ve turned into the biggest crybaby over the past 2 months due to my spiritual growth and more importantly due to the clarity I have gained in my purpose here on earth. I literally cry daily when feelings of joy overpower me and when the synchronicities in my life are clear. When my friends (my

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my new favorite cafe!

Last week Monday I scrolled past a picture of two lattes on my Instagram timeline. Being that I don’t drink coffee and was not following the page of the post – I was intrigued and in tune with the synchronicities. Of course, I clicked it and was instantly drawn in by the bright yellow chairs

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It was my absolute pleasure to spend the day learning more about what made the phenomenal photographer that is Andrew Thomas Clifton. When I saw him – I thought “Oh he’s a man, man!”Β  – he had been rocking this powerful ‘Big Black Lumberjack‘ look, that is incredibly sexy. Unequivocally sure of himself, he stands

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As humans, we are inundated with other peoples ideas of what we should look, act or be like. Ideas that almost 99% of the time don’t match up with who we actually are, or want to be. From our parents to our teachers and the visuals we receive from magazines/social media/internet – we are constantly

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Alone, though never Lonely!

Spending time alone has supported me in becoming the best version of me! Have you tried it? I use an exclamation point because I am genuinely happy about who I am today. I am joyous, loving, supportive, full of ideas, vulnerable to tears and open to the limitless ways that life continues to bring me

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