a dream with a deadline.

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as a Cancerian, I am naturally very flighty or spontaneous. I don’t let a plan determine my every move, instead, I go with the ebbs & flows of the world, switching routes, turning quickly and often increasing the pace when its least expected; very much like bodies of water. The “plan” is just in case I lose track.

I prefer to have a list of things I know I need to complete, with no restrictions on when and how it gets done. As comfortable as that is, I am definitely learning that despite how strong my mind is, in order for it to work effectively, it needs the support of a structure. More importantly – in order for me to impact the lives I am meant to, the people that are waiting on me, I need a blueprint to guide me. As my brother Drake so eloquently noted – “A goal is just a dream with a deadline.” Like Drake, I have some lofty goals and I intend to accomplish them all. Time blocking will be one of my greatest supporters.

This week, Disney Foote & I are covering the importance of Time Management. As entrepreneurs, it can be very challenging to manage our days because we are technically managing and learning through everything. The great part about it is that we have total control over our time, therefore we get to choose when we do what and for how long. Track along with us this week, first to figure out where your time is being invested currently and then learn how to plan ahead using time blocking.

Learn more about yourself and your time by using the Time Tracker available HERE. Last week we discussed the importance of knowing your WHY. The Ignite Your Purpose worksheet is the perfect prelude to tracking your time and is accessible on our website – www.sarahanddisney.com.

I am looking forward to transforming how efficiently I use my time and trust you can too!

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