Purpose, Where are you?

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      I see you, searching HIGH and low for your purpose.
Appearing successful in all the areas of life that count; career, material possessions, and Instagram selfies. Traveling the world, going to brunch, trying new things….. and people. Asking your friends that seem to “have it together”, how they found theirs.
Ok, maybe that was just me.
Either way, I know I’m not the only one who has or is “struggling” to find my purpose or my ‘why’ – why am I alive? Yes, I wrote it out loud – and you read it and you were thinking it. It’s the question that bogs our mind when what we care about and like to do, don’t match up with what we get paid to do for a living. Or we aren’t making what we deserve. More importantly – the impact we innately feel we are responsible to create in the world is not being created. At least not in the way we expect it to. It’s a question that can last a lifetime unless you get real with yourself about who you are.

It’s the question that bogs our mind when what we care about and like to do, don’t match up with what we get paid to do for a living. Or we aren’t making what we deserve.

Our purpose is not something we find outwardly, it is found through introspection; the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional state. There is no lie in the statement – “Everything you need is within you.” What I will add though, is that it takes time with self to reflect on your life experiences and examine your feelings, so that you can let the past be the past and get clear on what you want in life.
What do you want in life?
What do you want?
Have you ever actually asked yourself that question? It is a question I recommend you sit down and truly think about. My entrepreneur sister Disney Foote & I have created a free ‘Ignite Your Purpose’ worksheet to help you gain clarity on your purpose and support you in taking the leap into being the highest & best version of yourself, NOW!
My Purpose is to empower others to be confident in their individuality because that is how we become our best selves and live our highest lives; according to our rules.
Knowing my purpose is the ONE thing that wakes me up each day. Each new day presents a fresh start and new opportunity to shift at least one person’s mindset to believe everything is possible! It is the driving force that wakes me up, and it’s been that same thing since birth. I have always loved writing my own stories. It is the reason why I was top of my class (parents happy) & also the ringleader that eloquently convinced my classmates to do things we “shouldn’t” have (parents pissed). Sorry Mommy.

Mom, I apologize for ALL the times you had to whop my behind in school.

It wasn’t til a few days ago that I realized I can monetize what I like to do, exactly the way I like to do it. I had created a narrative that being a life coach was the non-certified version of a therapist –  long days, on a long couch listening to people cry. Sadly, I don’t have the personality for that; I like solving problems, not crying over them. And having fun while doing it!
I hit gold when I realized that monetized or not, I will always feel fulfilled when I am able to empower someone else. Some days that looks like a text message, a phone call, a video on Instagram, giving a real estate client the confidence they need to make a decision or a conversation with a close friend over a few J’s. As my business evolves and my thoughts become clearer – it is beginning to look like purposeful blog posts, videography, dinner parties and worksheets that make others better!
No day will look the same, however knowing my purpose, I am able to trust the process and impact lives regardless. No matter what, I get it done.
Sometimes from the comfort of my queen-sized, memory foam, mattress 🤫.

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