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Living My Life Like It’s Golden
I am here to contribute to the betterment of humanity in a way that comes naturally to me, that I enjoy and it fulfills the lives of others.
This is me, soaking in the view at Scrub Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands last week on a site tour for a Couple’s Retreat Trip that I am planning for July 2019. This is the life I dreamt of – traveling and organizing ways for people to come together purposefully and authentically and I have decided to live that life, NOW! Getting to this point took work and is a process I dream to share with you. The first step was discovering my ‘why’.
If you are feeling lost and want to fulfill your purpose & live your best life (you can’t do one without the other), we want to help. The first step is discovering the real reason that you are on this earth and how you are to go about leaving an impact!
My entrepreneur sister Disney Foote and I have created a free ‘Ignite Your Purpose‘ Worksheet to help you gain clarity on your purpose and support you in taking the leap into being the highest & best version of yourself, NOW!
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