Lady Sarah’s is Good Vibes!

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It was 1998, I was 9yr old Sarah and my mom opened the first iteration of Lady Sarah’s. It was a bath and body shop where I spent my afternoons after school restocking shelves, making beautiful gift baskets with the curliest bows and finding a corner to read the Kama Sutra books when no one was looking. I was uhm…. ahead of my time 🙂

Then we grew to an expanded Bath & Body Shop + Cafe ++ her picture framing shop. Portia Belinda Lorraine Harrigan is a TALENTED WOMAN! This second location quickly became a haven for those who enjoyed the finer culinary experiences of life and an afternoon tea – kin to those you find in London.

My lunchtime favorites were the smoked salmon quiche, parmesan chicken salad, and the chicken roti. For dessert, I loved the carrot cake and every morning that she baked one, I would pick at the warm pieces of bread on her famous coconut bread pudding. To wash it down, the watermelon, mint or ginger lemonades were all a great choice.

In 2002, due to health challenges and a downturn in the economy – post 9/11, Lady Sarah’s went into hibernation. 14 years later, more seasoned and refined, Lady Sarah’s has experienced a rebirth in the form of Lady Sarah’s Farms. With the soul (yes) focus on holistic health, most of the ingredients at the farm to table restaurant are grown on location, at our Windy Hill farm or on local farms throughout the British Virgin Islands. The decor of the location on Main Street oozes mental, physical and emotional health from the numerous plants on the front porch to the limitless signs and art with positive and uplifting messages. It is a happy place. And as crazy as this sounds – the new Lady Sarah’s is a mirror of who I am as I write this post.



I was blessed to work from the Lady Sarah’s front porch for the past week, eating amazing food that reminded me of my chubby childhood days and reflecting on what the BVI used to be. I also spent an immense amount of time basking in the new opportunity that is a result of the intersection of time and post-Hurricane Irma. I met individuals who are creating change through their skill set, passion, and purpose like Chad Lettsome of CHING who is making immense strides in fin-tech throughout the Caribbean. I myself let my imagination run wild as I took notes for my own takeover; starting with a couples 10 day land/sea retreat to the BVI in July 2019.

Having grown up on Tortola until the age of 12, then visiting for the summer during my teens, I always wanted to run away, seeking the glitzy, glamours fun of America. For the second this year and ever, I am interested and entertaining the thought of moving back. Ok, living from the BVI part-time.

The data has changed, and life is recalculating. Instead of running away from home, I am being drawn to it. Instead of forcing the way the goal is achieved, I am going with the wind and allowing my mind, body, and soul to match up with the life that is already destined for me. Life for a woman working from her laptop, from anywhere in the world – that creates lasting change!

Lady Sarah’s Farms Restaurant & Bakery, located at 60 Main Street in Road Town, is again open for business. We produce jams, jellies, syrups, pepper sauces, and specialty drinks for retail consumption. Check in at our Road Town location for more!



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