limitless me!

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“change takes time.”

“change is hard.”

“change isn’t always good.”

“why change?”

I’ve heard it all and said it all to myself and to others. the previous version of myself of course.

I was not yet ready to understand that who I am and more importantly who I can become was up to me. I lived by it, however I don’t think I ever knew what was supposed to “happen over time.” I was convinced that if “enough” time had passed, some type of change would occur, but intention was not yet a thing.

Fast forward to today – October 05, 2018.

“change is NOW.”

“change is easy.”

“change is always for my highest & best self.”

“why stay the same?”

I now equate change to limitless growth.

change is me accessing and accepting aspects of myself that I didn’t know that I didn’t know existed. change is living my life open to the possibilities instead of restricting ‘what can be’, based on what I have previously experienced. change is knowing that my past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. change is loving myself and my life with no restrictions; where there is no good or bad, instead there is love & lessons. change is trusting that everything I experience is for me to grow from, only leveling up from here.

From this perspective, I can only be most excited for where this prosperous journey of life will take me!

change is becoming the best version of myself, every minute of every day, on my time, at my pace and according to my non-negotiables. no glass ceiling in site.

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