$100,000 in 90 Days! (eeeek) How Sway?

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I’ve used 2018 to focus on finding, learning, exploring, doing and being me. Honestly, that has always been me. Sarah’s way or the highway. Never disrespectfully but ALWAYS how I wanted it to be, well as much as I could control it. And I never failed to have a crew behind me – Master Enroller.

The difference now, is that I know more about the power of my mind; I know that I can “do me” with intention and not just because I want to go against the grain. I can now BE ME for the greater good of the world. It is truly a liberating feeling – to know that I can do me, the biggest baddest Caribbean Queen Bee AND contribute to the greater good of our world.

“I have everything within me to successfully achieve my goals, NOW”.

I have committed to 14 OUTRAGEOUS GOALS to be completed in 90 days with my soul sister & burgeoning videographer Disney Foote . The goal is to challenge ourselves, create consistency, urgency and most importantly to create results that will change the world! (I’ve included a picture of my tiny, but mighty vision board so you to can keep me accountable.) I am also open to suggestions and assistance in anyway possible. This is another learning opportunity more than ever!

This time of the year is usually classified as Q4, however, I have chosen to look at it as Q1. I have decided to get a head-start on 2019, using the tools I have gained thus far this year through personal development – (Free Worksheets Available Here), Momentum Education and the tools I will receive later this month when I attend the Landmark Forum. I affirm every day that “I have everything within me to successfully achieve my goals, NOW”. The interesting part about that is – as I get clearer on what I want and want to achieve, I usually end up running into resources right in my own grasp that I didn’t see before.

What are you putting off until 2019? Is there someway that you can start to attack that goal now? It will feel absolutely phenomenal to walk into 2019 further ahead than you had anticipated.

Get Started on 2019, TODAY! There is no better time than now to start your year on a great foot!

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