Sorry 4 The Wait

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“Help yourself and I will be right behind you.”

I want to start this blog post off with an apology to all of you. I apologize for my past selfish and insensitive behavior. Let me explain....

This year has been transformative and extremely fun, it has also required me to show up in ways I had chosen to avoid during the last few years. Having always been a leader, I went through a period of not wanting to lead; I no longer wanted to be in charge, ‘responsible for’, or the light at the end of the tunnel. I was exhausted from everyone asking my opinion, direction, guidance or listening ear, therefore I recused myself of anything requiring a real commitment or responsibility. I didn’t know it, but I chose to coast through life.

During this period I floated around the financial industry, meeting great people, doing great work, learning a-lot about things I didn’t truly care about, but never stretching myself to my true capabilities. As I write this I am about 7 months into my first year on my own entrepreneurship journey and it is the complete opposite. This choice has STRETCHED me to points that I didn’t know were possible and forced me to level up, not every 2 years like a corporate position, but every day and I LOVE IT!

Knowing myself and doing my best to keep myself in integrity and accountable, I had to admit that I talk a BIG game – all of which is possible, however I took too long to produce results. Procrastination and wanting things to “look” perfect did not work. This past weekend I chose differently.

I decided to lock myself in my home office for 48 hours because rocks are hard and water is wet, therefore tangible results are the ultimate guru. It was time that I produced results that change lives, fulfill my purpose & get me paid! I had almost accepted procrastination as my way of being – impossible. This just does not work, moreover it surely doesn’t support me in my quest to confidently speak loving & motivational words to crowds of 100,000+ in Mandarin, Portuguese or French or in the transformation of company culture for some of the worlds most exclusive organizations.

Something had to give.

We only dream big, outrageous, unbelievable results because the universe has already decided to work in our favor!

48 hours later…. including some sleep – I had sent my first newsletter, published this new website and had a late night call with my first potential corporate client, something I’ve written down and I’ve been meditating on daily. Holy cow…… Even though this was an initial conversation, one day later, I was still processing the speed in which everything happened. It’s as if the universe has been waiting for me to publish my coaching programs so it could funnel clients my way. Are all the clients I will work with already lined up at the door for me?

There were two profound lessons in this moment; one – the universe is always conspiring in my favor, however it waits until I am ready and working for what I want;

and two – the world and all that inhabit it have literally been waiting for me to be great.

*Mind Blown*

You see, we can never truly know how far and wide the effect of our love, compassion and purpose can go. There is this little thing called the trickle down affect which is the additional impact that is caused by one action. For example – me opening the door for someone, causes them to do the same for the person behind them, who then holds the door for the person behind them and so on. Though this is a small gesture, it is the perfect visual for how the work that we do affects people that we have never met, will never meet and improve the lives of people that we don’t even know exist.

Nothing that we do is truly for us, it is instead our opportunity to leave the world better than we found it. It is our opportunity to bless the world with our talent, skill or peculiar outlook on life. What we do is our tool to inspire others, encourage others to dream, save someones life or build confidence and design relationships. Due to our different life experiences, we each offer a unique perspective to what we do. Therefore, no matter the medium used, what you contribute, matters. You can be the creator/designer of the eyewear that makes every outfit pop, write & sing songs that remind us of Gods insurmountable love for us, increase and nurture mental health, be an amazing host & Turn Up any event, or plan, design, and review the construction of homes that will withstand category 5 hurricanes! Each and every thing we do matters to someone beyond us.

My charge to you today is to ask yourself how much longer the world has to wait for you to share your greatness with us and allow us to bless with the love, prosperity and relationships you have always dreamed of? The longer we avoid what is truly calling our souls, the longer the world has to wait to become better.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t waiting on you, they are living without the gift of your contribution. – Sarah E. Harrigan

to everyone who has been waiting or didn’t even know they were waiting for me to show up, Sorry 4 the Wait. it’s over!


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