Season of Love!

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Brooklyn, NY – July 21.

Summer 2018. 29 years on earth, 7th in East Flatbush, 1st year dedicated to Sarah Elizabeth Harrigan and ALL that makes her happy!

This summer is different. More importantly, I am growing in different ways, daily. I wake up grateful, genuinely happy and fulfilled in who I am. Since learning that dreams only exist because the result is possible, I allow my dreams to come to reality. I dream it, speak it and do it, choosing to manifest the most amazing life I can dream of. And I dream big!

As much as I thought this year was about building my brand and truly connecting with what I was supposed to do for a career – I learned a few months in that what I am truly seeking is a connection with others, my purpose and the love of my purpose mate. I had often heard about the infamous “soul mate” – however in looking up its definition, I now know that what I seek is the man that will “compliment me and ensure the fullness of my potential is realized” as God intended. Big difference! Also no mention of love. The love I gather is the result of purposefulness. 

October 2017 I chose differently. I decided that 2018 would be different. I began telling myself that all that I dreamt of is possible. That out of 7.6 billion people in the world, there is certainly one that was specifically made to support me in accomplishing my purpose and that I would show up as the highest version of myself for him and no one else in a relationship anointed by God.

You are what you tell yourself, so be very careful about what you whisper.

Jan 2018 I had subconsciously decided to make space for the one thing that my soul had been yearning for. I chose to abstain from sexing, sexting and flirting (lol) for as long as I could. Or Until I met my husband. Or Both. This initial step was to accomplish 2 things – (re) Design my relationship with sex and to purge my life of men who did not CHOOSE to live a life of purpose with me.

As I write this I have gone 5 months without sexual intercourse. The amount of time and clarity I have gained is profound. My bad habits – read men, are all gone. No more Snapchat nudes. No random naughty texts to “almost bae” down in Atlanta, or to my Law School honey. No more flirting with my Michelin Star Haitian Chef down in Miami, or the music producer I had never met. I don’t think I even remember how to take nudes anymore, especially since I’ve gotten sexier, my angles are all new.

Most importantly I have become clear as the water in St. Barth about what I truly want in a mate. I am clear that I have to also be whole, complete and representative of each of those qualities before even speaking to a man of that caliber. I am clear that there are traits we bring individually and traits that we bring out in our spouses. I am clear that we also get to DESIGN together what we want out of life. I have become clear in my ability to identify what I want and if someone has it within the first 3 minutes of talking to them. I have become clear that I no longer have to use sex to connect to the substance and that sexual chemistry is the maraschino cherry on top of a real connection.

More profound is my understanding that my greatest gift is my vulnerability. In choosing different for 2018, I chose to allow expression of my true feelings in this most important sector of life; Love & Emotions. I am no longer in a scarcity conversation – I know that expressing what is wanted and needed in my life, early and urgently, will result in the most favorable results in this life that I am designing. I know that by giving something 100, whether the result is Love or Lessons, I get to move into the next day bigger and better than before. I have become clear that getting everything I want in life, applies to every area of my life – Love, Career, Finances, Spirituality, and Community.

This season I have chosen to be a powerful, connected, vulnerable and purposeful leader in my life in order to do the things I have always dreamed of and have the prosperity of my wildest dreams!

My mind body & soul feel aligned. I’m a water sign, therefore I feel everything. I feel YOU when you don’t feel yourself; luckily for you, I am the Designer of Vibes. I have identified my superpower and more importantly my purpose.

Welcome to the Season of Love!


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