we are walking trophies.

You see in order to get to happiness, you have to spend an absurd amount of time with yourself. 

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“You’ve been super low.”

“Where you been at?”

“I haven’t seen you out in months.”

“You even missed Jamie’s birthday party bus, I was surprised.”

All of these, said to me at different times, by different people, all conveying the same message – that I have been missing from the social scene. Little did I know that I had what has become the journey to Design My Vibe.

Don’t get me wrong, I never go everywhere, but I am always there when it’s a legit mix. A friends birthday dinner or significant other’s birthday. Loud Fest. Birthday paintball trip. Henny Palooza. New coffee shop opening. That big Caribbean party during Labor Day Weekend. By MTA or Lyft, I was there. Until I wasn’t.

In the process of becoming clearer that there exists a better version of myself in life, love, and career, I came to the realization that I wanted to be happy. “Sarah is the happiest person I know”…. yea, I thought so to.  ———- Have you ever sat down and defined what ‘Being Happy’ means to you specifically? Yea, me neither.

You see in order to get to happiness, you have to spend an absurd amount of time with yourself. 

What I learned in this rudimentary level of defining my version of happy is that I couldn’t be mixed up in drama if I wanted to free my mind aka Super Saiyan Sarah. You see in order to get to happiness and more importantly define it, you have to spend an absurd amount of time with yourself.

Being in bustling, mixxy, constantly networking New York City, that can be hard.

We often tie the words relationship or friendship and obligation tighter than the laces on our new Buttas; putting how they would feel in our absence over how valuable the time would be if it were spent with self. Before we could choose what is best for us, we’ve already let the voice in our heads decide. And for the 100th time this month you’re at an event that looks, feels and almost smells like the last 99. ——- I had a friend give me 4 event options and apparently I chose one that didn’t score an 11 on the significance scale. As much as it “pained” my friend that my choice wasn’t what she wanted, I was content in knowing that I showed up. This in no way takes away from my love for her, it was instead an investment of positive energy into myself.

Choosing happiness means choosing you. Choosing to put time into yourself with a clear and conscious mind. Free of guilt and dishonesty. Knowing that you have given 100% and the choices you are making are in your best interest. Choosing you means being honest with what is best for you. If you were living beyond the current circumstances, what type of life would you be living?

Thru this blog, I intend to share how in choosing happiness everyday I also choose to actively work at implementing tools and strategies that make everyday life easier.

I hope to change your life in many ways over the journey of this blog and help you to Design your Vibe.



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