my failed plan.

The plan is never to get fired. The plan is always to submit a resignation letter then exit like Queen Elizabeth when she goes on tour to all of the countries that the UK governs; smiling and waving like the demented Chucky Doll. For me, in addition to the ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me Tour’ is a company-sponsored party that is most accurately described as the 2018 version of TipDrill.
Sadly, not every strategy goes as planned. Let me paint the scene….. it is Monday, December 4th, 2017 and I get into work at about 9:10am. At 9:15am I receive a meeting invite for 9:20am, which I ignore, requesting a reschedule because dude, that’s just rude. Instead, my manager taps me on the shoulder and says, “I am waiting for you upstairs”. She walks away with that tired old twitch in her hip that for some reason she still thinks is cute. Before I follow, I decide to look in the glass pane door and say to myself, “Whatever happens in this meeting, decide now to process what is said before responding, and also know that the results are part of the bigger plan for your life”.
They said: “Your position is being eliminated as of today”. I heard:Β ‘You can go live the life you truly want now! Spend your time doing what you wish, have time for relationships that matter to you, and create new ones with like-minded people that want to grow with you. Travel the world like you have always planned to do and BONUS, you don’t have to be here from 9am to 6pm sitting around, unstimulated’.Β Unstimulated, like the food that sits at those overpriced weighted buffet restaurants that litter Times Square.
Once I fully received and processed the message, I laughed, smiled and said thank you for the opportunity.
A few hours later, after the greatest Dominican man I know besides Alex Rodriguez, took me to breakfast to coddle me, I realized that this was a blessing in a different bow. For the 3 months prior, I consistently told my coworkers that I was leaving in January, told myself I couldn’t wait to divorce the deteriorating daily subway ride and I’d speak to myself about a more challenging, yet satisfying form of employment. I also had to admit to myself that if this didn’t happen, I would somehow find a reason to extend my stay in salaried cushiness when January did roll around, probably using the excuse that I hadn’t saved enough.
At this moment, more than ever, I had begun to understand how manifestations develop and more importantly I grew an even greater appreciation for the power of my mindset. If it weren’t for my strong mindset and belief that I am intended to live a greater life, I may have imploded in that meeting; scared that I wouldn’t survive without the 9am to 6pm regularity, comfortability and a steady paycheck that matched everyone else’s monotonous lives. I love to stand out, so guess how happy I was that this plan failed.
That meeting inspired this blog. This blog’s purpose is to inspire you to always live in your truth. My purpose is to help you Design Your Vibe.

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  1. Love Love love the message –
    The story – the journey!
    We often forget to see the blessings in our daily encounters.
    Peace and Blessings to you!

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